Wake Ideas in Forster, NSW

In the heart of Forster, NSW, the community and its traditions play a significant role in how we commemorate the lives of those we’ve lost. Great Lakes Funerals is deeply embedded in this community, understanding the importance of personal touches in celebrating a life.

A wake is an opportunity to honour a loved one in a manner that reflects their personality, beliefs, and the impact they had on those around them. Here, we explore innovative wake ideas that resonate with the unique spirit of Forster, NSW.

Celebrating Life with Local Flair


1. Beachside Memorial: Forster’s stunning coastline offers a serene backdrop for a wake. A beachside memorial at sunset can include shared stories, favourite songs, and a moment of reflection as the sun dips below the horizon, mirroring the cycle of life.

2. Art Tribute: For those who had a passion for art, consider hosting a wake in one of Forster’s galleries or creating an outdoor art exhibit in their honour. Guests can contribute pieces, or you can display the deceased’s artwork, creating a visual celebration of their life.

3. Environmental Tribute: Forster’s natural beauty and the community’s commitment to environmental conservation can inspire a wake focused on nature conservation. Planting a memorial garden or trees in their honour not only serves as a living tribute but also benefits the local environment.

Incorporating Personal and Community Elements


4. Celebration on the Water: With Forster’s affinity for water activities, a wake on a boat or by the lakeside, sharing stories and scattering flowers or biodegradable urns, can be a fitting farewell for someone who loved the water.

5. Local Music and Poetry: Celebrate your loved one’s life with a gathering featuring local musicians and poets. Forster’s rich cultural scene provides a plethora of artists whose performances can capture the essence of your loved one’s spirit.

Food and Fellowship


6. Local Delights: Food brings people together, making it a key element of any wake. A catered event featuring local Forster specialties and your loved one’s favourite dishes can provide comfort and a sense of community.


A wake is a deeply personal event, reflecting the life and passions of the deceased. In Forster, NSW, the options for creating a memorable and meaningful wake are as diverse as the lives we seek to honour.

Great Lakes Funerals is here to guide and support you in planning a wake that truly reflects the spirit of your loved one, embracing local traditions and the natural beauty of our community.

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