Supporting Children Through Their First Christmas After a Loss

Christmas is a time of joy and family togetherness, but for children who have lost a loved one, it can be a period of profound sadness. At Great Lakes Funerals, we understand the challenges faced during the festive season after a loss, especially for young ones. This article offers thoughtful ideas to help children navigate their first Christmas without a loved one, turning it into a time of gentle remembrance and comfort.

1. Create a Memory Ornament

Crafting a memory ornament can be a therapeutic activity for children. It could be as simple as decorating a bauble with the loved one’s name or a photo. Placing it on the tree each year can become a cherished tradition, keeping their memory alive.

2. Light a Candle of Remembrance

Lighting a candle in honour of the loved one can be a comforting ritual for children. It can be lit during Christmas dinner or when the family is gathered, allowing a moment to remember and talk about the person they miss.

3. Share Stories of the Loved One

Encourage children to share their favourite stories or memories of the loved one. This can be done around the dinner table or while decorating the tree, creating a space for children to express their feelings and keep their connection alive.

4. Create a Memory Box

A memory box filled with photos, letters, or items that belonged to the loved one can be a valuable keepsake for a child. They can add to it or look through it whenever they miss their loved one.

5. Donate to a Charity in Their Name

If the loved one supported a particular cause, consider making a donation in their name. This can be a way to teach children about the spirit of giving and keeping their loved one’s legacy alive.

6. Write Letters to the Loved One

Children can write letters to their loved one, expressing their feelings or telling them about their life. These letters can be placed in the memory box or under the Christmas tree.

7. Start a New Tradition

Creating a new Christmas tradition in memory of the loved one can be a positive way to cope with the loss. It could be anything from a special meal, a visit to a place they loved, or watching their favorite movie.

8. Seek Supportive Communities

Sometimes, joining a support group with other children who have experienced loss can be helpful. Great Lakes Funerals can provide resources and recommendations for local support groups.


Helping children cope with loss during Christmas requires sensitivity and thoughtfulness. At Great Lakes Funerals, we understand the importance of supporting young ones through this challenging time. For more guidance on helping children during their first Christmas after losing a loved one, visit Great Lakes Funerals contact page if you require any advice or if local support contacts are required to help during this time. Our compassionate team is here to provide support and resources to ensure that the festive season is a time of gentle remembrance and comfort for your family.

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